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Meditation to Fill Your Home with Love: Click here.

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Structure of Suffering, Duality, and Inner Peace. Video shows the essence of how this all works. Disassemble suffering & live in inner peace. Watch now.

Looking for a Spiritual Haven and / or Retreat Center: Do you have unutilized real estate? Are you in alignment with the mission of raising the level of consciousness of mankind? If yes, please click here.

Orchestrate Silence & Activity - 4 Steps to Handle Overwhelm: This seven minute video explains  the orchestration of silence and action as a spiritual process. Click here.

Meditation to Let Go of Struggle: This very short recording helps you drop into a state of "not trying." Click here.

Infinite Love Meditation: This highly expansive meditation brings a great sense of love and inner peace. Click here.


You Deserve Bliss and Inner Peace

Welcome to the Path of Divine Essence. The focus is on the fundamentals, the simple essentials that can quickly lead you to states of bliss and peace.

The path is a path of joy. It's not really all that hard.

High spiritual levels involve a leap of faith. You let go of the logical, head based approach to living. You surrender to God. This is the realm of love, unconditional love, joy, and bliss. 

 This Website Can Help
You Do Wonders

You might already know this. Meditation Vacations provides a wide variety of resources to help you along your spiritual path and your life journey.

  • Information. There is some sweepingly powerful information here to help you advance spiritually.
  • Free guided observer meditations. These immediately leapfrog the vast majority of self-help systems. You do the exercises as the observer. Most self-help systems temporarily bolster a false identity. They do nothing for the real you.
  • Free guided Divine Essence Meditations. When you're ready, these take you another step beyond the observer meditations. They help you discover and identify with Divine Essence.
  • Free Creativity Course. This is delivered by email at no cost. This helps you get to a higher state of existence, exercise creativity from that state, and implement solutions from that high state of existence.
  • Meditation Retreat on MP3s. These contain self changing meditations to advance you on your spiritual and life paths. You can play these over and over again for ongoing benefit. Click --> Meditation MP3s.
  • Rocket Fuel for the Soul - Blissercise Self-Help Manual. This self-help masterpiece contains over four hundred exercises that help you look and things in a different way and reach a state of bliss.
  • Spiritual Coaching. This begins with a thorough look at your self and where you're headed. There is no need to reveal any private information, unless you want to. The spiritual coaching can help you stay focused on your spiritual state and your life goals.
  • Group Retreats might be perfect for you. You gain the benefit of a group energy aligned with common values and goals.
  • Private Retreats can help you with major life changes and major self redefinition. This is the quickest and surest way to let go of any unwanted characteristics and move towards the new you.

Please feel free to utilize any and all of the above resources.

Meditation, Prayer, and Blissercises

Throughout the whole path you will benefit from prayer, meditation, and blissercises.

This website presents two basic types of meditations. Each one has many specific applications.

Although these basic meditations are older than time, they are so fundamental that they seem to be overlooked in most, if not all, of self-improvement techniques that are commonly practiced in today's world.

The two basic meditations shown here are Observer Meditations and Divine Essence Meditations.

Instead of forcing you to control your body, thoughts, emotions, and the whole human package, Observer Meditations invite you to simply step out and observe it all. It brings tremendous relief. And it's very fast.

You might imagine observation meditations as invitations to become a point in space that's observing specific human conditions from the outside. You are literally looking at things differently. You are no longer identified with problems. With hundreds of plays every day, the Observing Your self meditation is possibly the most popular guided meditation on YouTube.

Divine Essence Meditations help you step back even further and be aware of the Divine Essence that permeates the entirety of human conditions within you. You are invited to become the entire space and eventually let go of that. You are the Divine Essence.

Observation Meditations and Divine Essence Meditations are available for free. You are welcome to practice them at special times you choose. However, the beauty is that you can practice them all day long as you go about your routine.


Blissercises (bliss exercises) are simple exercises that you can do in twenty minutes. All you need is a pen and pad of paper. Or you can use your computer if you like.

These are deceptively simple and can help you raise your spirits very high, very quickly.

You get over 400 blissercises in the book "Rocket Fuel for the Soul: Blissercise Self Help Manual". You can do these on your own or in a group.

If you wish, you can lead a blissercise group. All you need is the book and success doing blissercises yourself. You can do if for free. Or you can charge for your services. You don't have to pay any royalties. My only request is that you refer students to the book.

Trips to India and Mega-Seminars?

Of course it's fun to spend months travelling throughout India and sitting at the feet of gurus. And it's fun to go to $5,000 seminars and exchange high fives with fellow participants.

However, you can use the information and meditations on this website with tremendous benefit. You can do it at home and at work. You can do it yourself. Or you can do it with friends.

We can all love the journey as well as the destination.