Divine Essence Meditations

Divine Essence meditations help you get closer to enlightenment by practicing enlightenment like qualities. For example, you experience God's love, recognition of perfection, appreciation, quiet amazement, beauty, and others.

You've probably read descriptions of enlightenment experiences. You can pave the way by going directly for the experiences. Although this might be a bit like treating effects rather than the cause, it's a major step in the right direction. It points the way by helping you feel Divine qualities. It relaxes you and helps you feel really good.

Be the context rather than the content because that's closer to essence. Essence has to do with meaning and intention and a variety of non-linear qualities.

To be the field means to stop identifying with the limited linear and realize that you're the context beyond time, place, etc. 

Worlds come and worlds go and you will still be.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.  (July 2006 Satsang)

As defined here, Divine Essence meditation involves keeping your eyes open, softening your focus, and being aware of the space around you. Then you imagine the space, and everything in it, as being filled with some Divine Quality.

This helps you dip your toe into a feeling of enlightenment. With repeated practice this experience can become stronger and longer lasting.

This also helps you calm your thinking. It helps you extract yourself from problems. It helps you disidentify with the body.

We tend to get into self-doubt if we're expected to simply enter some specific state. We might think we can't do it yet. That's why these meditations invite you to use your imagination. For example, imagine that the space is filled with God's love. You don't have to question yourself about whether or not it's actually happening. After all, you're just using your imagination. Right?

The process we use here is totally different from the space meditation where you're supposed to focus on the space, or gap, between thoughts. That is humanly impossible and could invite someone to invalidate themselves or their abilities.

The recorded meditations help you repeatedly return your focus to the process. With practice you can be in this state all the time.

When you're new to these exercises, please do not do them while driving.

  • God's Love Guided Meditation
    This Divine Essence Meditation on God's Love gently guides you to back out of your everyday self, and your everyday life perspective. You tune into one major aspect of Divine Essence. You feel gentle power, love, and peace.
  • Divine Beauty Meditation
    Beauty is one pathway to God. It is one of the essential qualities of Divine Essence. We rapidly advance spiritually when we increase our ability to recognize the beauty in everything.
  • Divine Essence - Perfection
    Does the entire world need saving? Does everyone have to be fixed? Is that weight resting on your shoulders? You can get overwhelmed and exhausted with that load. How about immediate relief?
  • Surrender to God
    Surrendering to God is one of the most powerful things we can do to enhance every phase of our lives. This short meditation will help.
  • Infinite Love Meditation
    This Infinite Love meditation is extremely expansive. It gives you a wonderful experience of Divine Essence.