Meditation Articles

This growing list of meditation articles will help you along the way. Please check back frequently for more articles.

  • Meditation Related Issues
    Meditation related issues include blood sugar, candida, chemical inbalances, and depression.
  • Meditation and the Hamster Wheel of Life
    What does meditation have to do with hamster wheels? Quite a bit. Have you ever noticed that you keep solving problems? And you keep winding up with new ones?
  • Meditation in Isolation
    Does meditation go better during periods of isolation? It did for me.My friend, Roger, pays $75 a month to rent a tiny, rustic cabin in the high desert area of Joshua Tree, California. Talk about a great meditation environment!!!
  • Beyond Self Help
    You are enlightened when you are no longer compulsively creating any selves. You might choose to deliberately create a self to function in the world. You might have noticed that things tend to persist when you resist them. One good way to release things is to welcome them. You can use the self help audio exercises on this website. They help you accept your old selves so you can release them.
  • Test Yourself - Oneness or Duality?
    Here is one way to look at how free you are. Are you stuck in duality? (Duality is the old I'm good, they're bad game.) Or are you approaching Oneness? If we're worried about it, we're still in duality.