Meditation Testimonials

Some of the guided meditations have been on YouTube for over a year. After over 400,000 plays with feedback of appreciation, we are releasing all of the meditations on CD for your benefit and convenience.

Here is some of the feedback.

obfsteve - Jim, Deceptively simple but profound. I started with this one and then found others and your website, Meditation Vacations. I found the information there interesting, valuable, and generously given. I've told many friends of this video. I'll let them discover more of your work from here, as I did, if they choose. I'll not try to force feed them, although I did them a heads up for this as starting point. I've been around the block with meditation stuff, and this is just the best!

Timgfan - Whenever I do this meditation, I have tears streaming down my face. I weep with the beauty of the potential that this feeling could bring love to the world. I imagine people I have difficulty tolerating (like George W) doing this or being surrounded by this love (I imagine a mother's love) and I just convert it to "God's" love. It's the most powerful organic thing in the world.

djm6402 - voila! /// INSTANT RELIEF

Peaches111A - ditto...i feel sooooo content...i think i'm gonna do this during math class just before i test. then i won't need to worry about flunking ^^

FaceVentura - i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oo relaxed that was seriously amazing

GreggaryPeccary - Wow, that was the most effective meditation I`ve ever had!!! You sink into the Self immediately!

mayasem - Very good meditation!! Thanks!!

dreams2manifest - Wow that was amazing! Thanks! You know it made me think about quantom machanics when you said the word observing...I remembered them saying something about when a particle is changes. Thanks!

jenandjuice22 - This was the best part of my day! Thank you!

mayasem - This feels good!! thx for sharing this.

unis2006 - wow this was great...I dont meditate but it made me feel so peaceful.
peacepalace - Thanks for the meditation, very simple and relaxing. Everything including our body is just the way it is. That's all their is to know. :-)

akintock - Thank You very much!!! it initiated my all inner spiritual levels.

Mawachi - Thank you. That took off a lot of my anxiety.

grantas1983  - thank you very much, it helps me alot.

megalosauru  - great, we observe our inner soul

clearviewmind  - Great. On observing my outer sourroundings i began to see clearer that everything is mere imputation of mind - The external things of my room are'nt actually external, but an internal reflection of mind experienced through the 5 senses.

rappersdelyte  - great. thanks.

JUSTRELAXANENJOY  -´s soo bloody simple - but IT WORKS !!!
It helps to get into the PRESENCE of HERE&NOW - that SILENT AWARENESS - the natural state of "our" (better "THE") true SELF ! Thank you for that gift, Jim !

kaaliifire  - ym observation of u tube for a perfect obseving guided meditation has led me here... and what a perfection i have found... thank u... im made a plan to practice this type of LIVING 8by just observing) for one months... its 3rd or 4th day and - wow! what an adventure into simplicity... and creativity is just bursting - although i have no feeling that im creating anything... just allowing whatever comes... what a relief!

yogikanna  - i agree, just observe - dont run away from the thoughts or feeling, don't encourage them, don't resist them, don't condemn them, just observe them....and you will notice that they will slow down and what is left is your pure, joyful and peaceful self.

EliaDempsey  - This was really helpful. Thank you.

spiritsworld  - I absolutely in bliss from listening to this. Observation and awareness is an unbelievable form of self centralization. words

snikouti  - simple and very effective... brings you to the here and now with minimum efforts. thank you

blcute  - wow thank you this was wonderfulllll

AussiSiren  - Wonderful! Passing along our connectedness through love and eternal blessings. The Corroboree Love Team

blacksavengers8  - that felt really good. thank you

homousios  - If I am not mistaken, Buddha in the Anapanasati Sutta, also used very repetetive phrases. Perhapsit it is to emphasise "Oberving yourself" as crucial. This was very helpful 6to me thanks

thepowerofnow  -very good exercise. Keeps us align to the self. Do u think that the end of a path cand be done with tehnics or exercises or is just spontanious ? Every enlight man or woman ive seen they say the same "you dont have to look anywere else" excuse my english thx
JimKitzmiller - The end of the path is total surrender to God.

AnnaIsabella90  - GREAT!! thanks.. I love this, more more more

Username880 - very relaxing. I have a question though: isn't it incorrect to say there are two selves? one self can be and observe itself at once. its called self-awareness no?
JimKitzmiller - The Ultimate Truth is that there is only the Self. Before we become enlightened, there is the illusion of many identities (selves). Each self is encapsulated consciousness with a set of beliefs, emotions, etc. We could typically be one identity while resisting an opposing identity that we're subconsciously creating. Observer meditations unravel all that stuff. We get more freedom, more life energy, and get closer to our true Self.

montgonova  - i feel so relaxed right now thanks jimkitzmiller

onlyinternet  - should we close are eyes?
JimKitzmiller  - We can do these meditations with eyes closed or eyes open. Either way is fine.

adocranic  - have you ever tried psychedelics?
JimKitzmiller - I have never done psychedelics. However, I have helped people recover from the harmful side effects.

Saeorge  -Thank you, I love guided meditation :D

tonfakid11  - good calming meditation session...thanks!

superwoofer38  - thanks for sharing,it will be a big help for those who likes meditation.

haldor72  - This is great. No secret ceremonies or allegiance to Gurus. Cults keep meditation techniques secret so that the Guru maintains power over the followers. These techniques in this age should be freely available to all.

christopherc731  -Wow. I really enjoyed that. I am fairly new to meditation. Is it weird that I felt joy, and almost like laughing when I was done? Thanks again...

captainsjam001  - This is great, very calming , thanks.

tracktionmonkey  - Appreciated Jim! Your voice relaxes & helps to disengage. With love.

braindeadones  - thank you for trying to make human life better

eaton1012  - Wow, I never seen things that way. Thank for this.

Doberking - Sound meditation principles. The idea of focusing on the self, breathing etc... is an ancient meditation technique. It is about letting go of damaging thoughts and just 'being'.

Talexa66 - Thanks. I enjoyed the meditation very much as well as the website listed in the about this video. Thanks again.

buzzzcreator - This is weird, I just atral travelled to a friends place whilst listening to this. I saw him on his lounge sending a text message and I said to myself when I was next to him sending the message, I bet I will receive that message in the next minute. Low and behold a damn text message came though to me from him. Saying that he's a bit down and needs to sort some things out. Wow...powerful!

catila22 - This is great before Yoga practice and breathing exercices! Thank you

samann95014 - very simple & yet most effective meditation vid on youtube. thanks!!

NICKIADCOCK74YAHOO - never tried anything like this but i am amazed i feel so bipolar and i believe this may just help me more than medication...i feel great and i am going to do this everyday...hope i can stick to it

metedude2 -awesome video! thanks :)

ram70 - I never felt so good in my life-everything in life pales in comparison to how i felt after meditating along with this video-thanks for making this world a better place

66flamer -thank you. a bow to your gift of this video.

Wa1lers - good stuff, thank you

Dordrius - amazing stuff.

Krees21 - That was great, thanks!

garuts3975 - great

didikh - I listen to your video maybe a month ago and time to time i listen to it again, it is a great tool to make méditation, and to observe ourself and breathing and points who attract our attention in our body it is a great way to heal ourself..thank you very much for that sharing

iteaca - very good!thx

brianvoss - This is great - thank you for this. It reminds me of what the? French philosopher Pascal said: "all of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone".

rayunseitig -This worked pretty good for me the last several days. I observed myself, without making any judgments at all. Just watching. Later I played it back mentally, and noticed how offended I was by a pushy person, and how angry, and resentful I was about another thought I had. Hmmm Maybe next time I will respond differently. I think this video touched on some good stuff. Thanks

chex569 -this is good, i have accelerated thinking when i start observing they decreased a lot and i realized how tense i was.

blazeryin - I felt great inner peace when I observed myself, I could feel all the tension in my body and then felt it being released slowly the longer I remained still the more release.

davoisakoollord -ive been doing different forms of meditation for a couple of months now. i think this is the best ive done. it really brought me out of my body ill be be doing this again tomorrow (Y)

baronkinder -Thank you Jim, that was beautiful! Namaste, much love and grateful thoughts go your way! "Be still and know I am god"

12233445566abc -I've found this video surprisingly drawing me into a meditative state..however, when asked to "observe myself" it's not obvious to me what that I feel I can't follow the do I observe "my self" , I am not really doesn't come to me..
JimKitzmiller -You're getting to a meditative state, so there is a definite benefit. You can simply follow what you can, e.g., observe the breathing, observe the body, etc. One of our biggest challenges is to let go of thinking, even for just a short time. This meditation will help you with that in a big way. We can wonder if we're doing things right. We are. We can let go of needing to be perfect. Please keep at it and let me know how it goes.

candi2059 - great guide for beginners

Nisargp - This video is excellent. I am a beginner in meditation and even though I'm Hindu, when i try to concentrate on "Ohm" I cannot fully concentrate because of much other thoughts but with this method I was able to easily concentrate.

susansp2 - WOW....What a fantastic feeling!! You have an perfect voice!! Thank you for the peace in my mind and body. My best thoughts for you and the rest of the World.

AmethystStar70 - Great Video

animal5girl - thank you i feel more carm now and my breathing was slowing down as i started observing myself

EpicMeditations - Thanks for these moments of peace.

spiritualbooks1 - Great Video on focusing.

deadravekid -YOU HAVE A SOOTHING VOICE. (seriously). Without judgement a big tool to learn!

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 The Perfect Self Testimonials

rabrasem - Excellent meditation. Thank you very much!

megalosauru - We have come to see that it was not our external worlds we needed to change, but our internal worlds. B. Daniel

catlinmorgan - This meditation brings me to a state of peace thank you

mandalajose - Gracias por postear estas meditaciones, en particular esta me hizo sentir y observar mi vida desde el punto de vista de la perfección. Fue muy emocionante.

wgjpinoy654 -Awesome and beautiful! This meditation would now help me relax a lot more during my stressful days at work.

JamiByrne - gracias

classicalcascade - Excellent! This is a great meditation.

Dawg4life1982 - I found by doing this meditation, I am not what I thought I was. If I can be what I found I am. I'll have nothing more to try to prove. Thanks

rictheis - A very big THANK YOU for this video... there's much more to this than meets the eye(?). I give it 5-stars!

gabrielaSH - thank you so much! i love this meditation!! gracias!

tantraman07 - Nice work on this. Thanks!

TubeZoogy - I find the repetition helps me focus my meditation.

xdarkfigure - thank you you just changed my life seriously

digibluez - thank you, felt really good, was skeptic at first, but as i started to listen, the doubts left me.

rappersdelyte - very nice. thanks.

TomSaunders89 - Very helpful, thankyou!

comfykittydesigns - lovely

piereck1 - Life's perfect the way it is...mind comes up and adds trouble to it, interpretations of various kinds which creates the conceptualization...

Alcazar1024 - Wow...I uhh went into a deep deep meditation until my computer started making noises with screen saver. lol Wow it's amazing. Thanks!! You're great!

paulonthepiano - very nice, thank you

kesbetik - I enjoyed it, I actually felt how perfect I was. Thank you.

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Handling Suppression and Judgement

junglb1 - Thankyou

impatient1 - Loved it. Very helpful.

GreggaryPeccary - The safe way to enlightenment!! Thx alot for the vids

xMoonlightNinjax -thank you alot

catlinmorgan - Thank you This can be difficult if you are being attacked in the moment and the other person sending hate or hostility. If you are kind sometimes people see that as a weekness and then we feel the need to protect ourselves. I will practice this feeling love towards the whole situation. Thank you

tsampa1 - thank you for this helpful meditation guided

ctohme - good stuff.

Ladyhawkwright - Very good one for bad relationships! Thanks for sharing!

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Experiencing Your Divinity

jami3r00  - good vid as always.

Jacobbmarley  - this along with your other meditations are divine many thanks for the enlightenment

SunnyAquamarine  - Great job! Thanks for sharing this!!

zeldagana  - very peaceful video,chills me out thanks for sharing.

qthinker  - That really calmed me. Thank you!?

AlenaMusic  - Super!



Giving Your self Approval

88THEBUNNYMAN88 - great vid

airborne360 - Thanks Jim again, I know some people that would greatly benefit from this, as sometimes they feel they have a lack of approval and praise from parents especially.

fractalguy1974 - Thank you for this excellent series of meditations.

Guitarz93x - nice

grvonny - i love this!

ltamashiro - thank you! this really speaks to me...

bolivianex - Thanks this unclutters my thinking everyday.

HelpOutThere - Great techniques! Appreciate your energy and creativity. Much love

vereda61 - Thank you Jim. Namaste.

edwardcookiecutter - Thanks so much for this, Jim, it made my day

Blancasalirrosas - Beautiful..nice voice!so inspired!

simonboyd123 - fantastic meditations mate!

anorexiasayno - This is fantastic! I plan to use this a lot with my 9 year old son!

Timgfan - you have a gift. A true gift.

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God's Love

airborne360 - Very relaxing, it does make you feel really good and positive within yourself. Thanks Jim, I'll be repeating watching this video and will look forward to more.

12vision55 - Thank you, I just have post few of my pictures, but I must confess your word is much more powerful - you help to sense the space filled with God's love literally - while listening to your relaxing meditation I sense not only my own longing and God's love but your voice too and that comes as if the proof and the necessary requirement - the spirit cant blossom in solitude- She demands the sharing, Your voice lifts up me into the hug of all who praise God and enjoy the refreshing peace. Thank you

catlinmorgan - Thank you Jim, so relaxing, so peacefull , everything feels gentle, soft and filled with Gods Love. such a sweet feeling.

SpiritSouldier - Great work Jim, simple eternal truth, gracefully spoken, what an asset to mankind you are. 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya'

xiaoxiao87 - made me sleepy. Is that to be expected?
JimKitzmiller - That happens sometimes. You might be working through some resistances.
xiaoxiao87 - thanks. that comment definitely raised my morale, but then is there something i'm doing wrong?
JimKitzmiller - You're doing fine. There have been times when I've dozed off during a guided meditation. Then I'd wake up in a "body asleep - mind awake state". You can hang out in that state if you like or do more meditating and get powerful benefits. You might also do the "Observing Your self" meditation or others. It's all good. And maybe you could benefit from the sleep.
xiaoxiao87 - now that you mention it I haven't slept that well in a midday nap for a long time. or nighttime sleep for that matter
JimKitzmiller - Enjoy the snooze :-)

tsampa1 - thank you this was wonderful, hope to feel that as often as possible . Thank you for this experience.

Dizzydonut66 - Thank you for sharing this, what a wonderful feeling it has left me with.

fifideli - Thank you so much...........namaste. from Brazil

sk8erboi954 - if every human being could feel this, imagine

blueskies66 - This was so fulfilling. Thank you for sharing it with us.

kobimoby - Thank you for your reminder...... reminding me in touch with God's love.. Thank you from Hong Kong - Wanda

HelpOutThere - wonderful! thank you

MoonCandi - Thank you for this. Just what I needed. God bless.

naturability - Wonderful! Thank you.

okono77 - How beautiful! It is so wonderful to be reminded. Superior theraphy. thank you.

BAMMETJE1000 - Thank you so so much for posting your guided meditations! The truly are working for me so many thanks!

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gabrielaSH - Thank you so much for sharing! many blessings

metedude2 - beautiful! thxs :)

HelpOutThere - very powerful. a definite step to realizing ONEness with everything. thank you!

fishingmama - Thank you. I love the feeling of being aware , even if only for a moment. Love & Light

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