Observer Meditations

Buddha Meditation
Observer Meditations immediately help you step out of the trap that springs when you follow almost any kind of self-help system. Almost all self-help systems and personal development systems are geared toward empowering the ego, the little self. You might feel puffed up. But it's not the real you that's puffed up.

Observer meditations immediately help you step out of the trap and direct you onto the fast track to bliss and inner peace.

With many hundreds of plays per day, The Observing Your self meditation is perhaps the most popular guided meditation on YouTube. There are numerous rave reviews.

This website has several guided meditations that are not on YouTube.

Here's a complete list of the observer meditations.

  • Observing Your self Meditation
    The best way to get out of a thinking frenzy or uncomfortable emotions is to simply step out. Huh? Yes! When you observe yourself you step out of all that stuff. Voila!!! Instant relief!!! In meditation, self observation is the most important and fundamental step. Unfortunately, many self help systems overlook this completely. The idea is to observe your self without judgment. Have you spent years trying to quiet your mind? Okay, let's experience a quiet mind right now.
  • Giving Your self Approval
    Along with control and survival, approval is one of the three basic human wants that keep us entrapped as the ego. It's astonishing how far people will go for approval. The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry is just one example. The clothing industry is another. The list goes on and on. People pattern their behavior based on what they think will get approval. And yes it's common to subject ourselves to control to get approval. The amazing thing is that it's incredibly effective to give ourselves approval. There's no need to seek it anywhere else. This is amazingly powerful stuff. It can dissolve guilt and help us forgive ourselves.
  • Observer Meditation Retreat On A Web Page
    Meditation Retreat - Everything you need to conduct your own observer meditation mini-retreat at home.
  • Handling Suppression, Psychic Attacks, and Judgement
    This guided meditation helps you handle your reactions to a problem person. It might not necessarily end attacks, but it will help you resolve any buildups of uncomfortable energy that such a person invites. If you're doing the Socratic Creativity Email Course, you're practicing the Attention Spotlighting exercise from Lesson 4. This builds up the power of your presence and your ability to handle confrontational situations.
  • Giving Love Meditation
    When all else fails you can give love. You just might find things working better for you after that. Have you heard that loves solves everything? What if that were true? Is it possible to benefit from loving yourself?
  • Loving Others Meditation
    This loving others meditation will kick open the door to improved relations with other people. This includes relations with difficult people.
  • Meditation - Loving Your self
    Meditation: Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you know how powerful it is to simply love your self? You can get benefits similar to being loved by someone else. Actually the benefits are much better and dependable, because you're not depending on someone else for love. Loving our self tends to dissolve ego limitations. The ego thrives on suffering. Loving ourself tends to dissolve suffering. This guided meditation can help. Why not give it a go?
  • Perfect Self Meditation
    Perfect Self Meditation: The Whole Class Was Astonished We were all coaches and healers. We'd spent most of our lives in improving ourselves and others. Yet what we saw shook the very foundations of everything we believed. Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of The Transformational Breath Foundation, was teaching us an advanced class in Transformational Breathing. About half way through the first day, Judith asked for a volunteer to come up front for yet another demonstration. We were about to see something that would make our heads spin.
  • Body Image Meditation
    Meditation: One of the key factors in our life experience is our body image. How much do we accept our own bodies. Are we good enough to be ...? Are we good enough to have ...? Are we good enough to do ...? This depends entirely on our own self esteem. Although our bodies have something to do with how others treat us, the most important factor is how we view ourselves.
  • Experiencing Your Own Divinity Meditation
    When you meditate to experience your own divinity, you are creating a most wonderful world for yourself. When you are experiencing your own divinity, you experience life with joy. When you are also loving others and experiencing their divinity, you are living heaven on earth. This divinity workout could bring you into The Silence fairly quickly. Enjoy!!!