Divinity Retreats

All problems and conflicts stem from losing touch with your divinity. The ultimate resolution of problems and conflicts is regaining touch with your divinity.

The Divinity Retreat covers the following key areas of your life.

  • Quick Relief - How to step back from disturbing events and relax.
  • Quiet Mind - Learn how to quiet your mind very quickly.
  • The key to all "self improvement".
  • Expanding beyond the limitations of "self improvement".
  • Body Image - You can remove the negative energy you are placing on your body due to judgements.
  • Psychic Attacks - Learn how to regain and keep your power.
  • True Healing - There is healing beyond "fixing what is wrong".
  • Beyond Forgiveness - Forgiveness is wonderful. But there is something beyond.
  • Oneness and Duality - Dip your toe into the Divine Peace of Oneness.
  • Beyond Mediation - In mediation a mediator goes between two conflicting people, tries to heal wounds, and brings about a compromise. You can live at a much higher level.
  • Beyond Right and Wrong - Additional experiences of Oneness.

Beyond our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase 'each other' doesn't make sense any more.

Jelaluddin Rumi in Coleman Barks The Essential Rumi (Harper San Franscisco, 1995,) p. 36


This life changing retreat is held at various tranquil retreat centers. Just being in a wonderful environment and soaking in the natural hot mineral waters helps bring you a sense of peace.

The retreat starts on Sunday afternoon and ends on Friday afternoon. Extended retreats are available. Thirty days or more can turn your life around.

The retreat includes:

  1. Lodging in peaceful rooms. Five of the seven rooms have kitchens.
  2. Up to four hours of divinity processing per day. This processing is extremely powerful. You will probably like to take breaks to assimilate your successes. The processes are easy and supportive.
  3. Massages and other treatments are optional.