Meditation Retreats

Meditation retreat vacations help you:

  • Redefine yourself
  • Create a new way to experience life
  • Make new life decisions
  • Realize enlightenment
  • Return home more refreshed
  • Experience your own divinity
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Step out of duality
  • Improve your body image
  • Improve your overall wellness
  • Normalize your body weight
  • Remove any negative energy you've been placing on your body
  • Adjust your energetic blueprint
  • Improve your self esteem

Your meditation retreat vacation will include:

  • Up to four hours of guided meditations per day including
    • Experiencing your own divinity
    • Transformational breathing
    • Conflict resolution
    • Self image processes
    • Body image processes
  • Lodging in an uplifting environment
  • Time to relax, explore nature, and enjoy your gains
  • Morning body awareness and energiization exercises
  • Morning walk for awareness
  • A choice of various programs
  • Recognition of your divinity

There is a growing selection of meditation retreats

  • Raw Food Retreat
    Come join me at the raw food retreat in North County San Diego.
  • Self Reboot Retreat
    Now you can kick it into high gear. Start your new self and your new life with the gifts of bliss, creativity, and power. You'll learn and use writing exercises, meditation, and spiritual processes to step out of your old self and enter the realm of Divine Essence.
  • Productivity Zone Retreats - Work in the Zone
    Productivity Zone Retreats help you master powerful principles so you can operate from the zone.
  • Diviniity Retreats
    Divinity Retreats help you resolve the cause of all problems - losing touch with divinity.