Productivity Zone Retreats
Work in the Zone

Learn what it's like to work in The Zone.

Learn to alternate between The Silence and highly creative and productive activity.

If you choose this type of meditation retreat, bring some work with you. High speed internet connections are included.

You will practice meditation exercises that:

  • Energize you
  • Help you concentrate
  • Dissolve productivity blockages
  • Bring you into The Here and Now
  • Release old stuck energy
  • Increase earning capacity
  • Help you advance or finish that important project while on the retreat.

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project
  • all of your thoughts break their bonds
  • your mind transcends limitations
  • your consciousness expands in every direction
  • and you find yourself in a great, new, and wonderful world.

Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.

-- Patanjali, author of The Yoga Sutras

Here's how it works.

  • You relax in a tranquil setting.
  • Then you will empower yourself with powerful meditation exercises to get you in a relaxed but highly productive state.
  • You will announce what you will do in the next hour or two.
  • You do it.
  • You announce what you did and how that compares to what you intended to do.
  • Repeat the cycle.

When you alternate between The Silence and productivity, you'll find yourself working smarter while having fun and minimizing stress.

Daring enthusiasm and abiding cheerfulness can accomplish everything on earth without fail.

-- Sri Chinmoy

Please contact me for more information. We'll discuss whether the Productivity in The Zone Retreat is right for you.