Self Reboot Retreat

Maybe you're one of the quarter million people who have benefited from Jim's guided meditations on YouTube.

Perhaps you've basked in bliss after doing some exercises from Jim's book.

Or maybe you've had private coaching with Jim.

Now you can kick it into high gear.

Start your new self and your new life with the gifts of bliss, creativity, and power. You'll learn and use writing exercises, meditation, and spiritual processes to step out of your old self and enter the realm of Divine Essence.

How's Life?

  • Are you doing more and enjoying it less?
  • Do you have more and enjoy it less?
  • Are you always on a quest for something better?
  • Are your current life circumstances less than satisfying?
  • Does nothing seem to really satisfy you?
  • Has happiness been just around the corner for years?
  • Could you be happier?
  • Does your mind chatter get in the way of living?
  • Are you immersed in mental battles?
  • Are you limiting yourself in any way?
  • Does your happiness depend on someone else?
  • Are you too stressed out to notice that you're stressed out?

Why not reboot your self and your life?

Here is a bit of info about this retreat.

Although there is plenty of writing, that's only part of the vast array of tools you'll use in this life changing retreat.

Here is a partial list of the exercises that you'll learn and use.

  • Bliss walking
  • Observer walking
  • Transformational Breathing
  • Observer Chi (movement therapy)
  • Observer meditations (many varieties)
  • Divine Essence meditations (many varieties)
  • Stream of consciousness bliss writing
  • Blissercises (bliss exercises). This is a form of stream of consciousness writing.
  • Writing for creativity
  • Attention management including the powerful attention spotlighting exercise
  • Calling upon your personal board of directors
  • Power releasing (If you like the Sedona Method, you'll love this.)
  • Journaling
  • Tapping into Divine Guidance

We'll also do Abraham-Hicks exercises including:

  • Wouldn't it be nice
  • Rampage of appreciation

The idea is to help you get into the highest state possible. You'll learn the tools so that you can maintain and expand that elevated state.

Jim Kitzmiller has applied a combination of his system engineering background, decades of consciousness exploration, and Divine Guidance to bring you these simple essential tools that have fast, safe and powerful results. Having been immersed in forty years of spiritual study and research, Jim has captured the essence of many complex, expensive exercises and distilled them to bring you simple and fast exercises that you can do on your own - any time and any place. Jim has presented highly effective guided meditations that have had over a quarter million plays on YouTube.

His book Rocket Fuel for the Soul - Blissercises Self-Help Manual contains over 400 blissercises (bliss exercises) that help you bring yourself to a state of bliss. They can also make writers block a thing of the past.