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  • Do you feel that there is no way to keep up with all the demands on your time and energy? We can be overwhelmed with financial demands. We can be overwhelmed with study requirements. It can often seem that it's impossible to do everything we have to do. We can wind up in a state where we're so exhausted and confused that we simply do nothing. Or we might wind up wasting time on meaningless activities. We might try so hard to do everything that we don't do a good job on anything. Please watch this video where we discuss four simple steps to handle overwhelm.

  • Here are some details of my experiences with the Abraham-Hicks exercises.

  • Here are my experiences with the Avatar Course lineup.

  • You are enlightened when you are no longer compulsively creating any selves. You might choose to deliberately create a self to function in the world. You might have noticed that things tend to persist when you resist them. One good way to release things is to welcome them. You can use the self help audio exercises on this website. They help you accept your old selves so you can release them.

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  • Meditation: One of the key factors in our life experience is our body image. How much do we accept our own bodies. Are we good enough to be ...? Are we good enough to have ...? Are we good enough to do ...? This depends entirely on our own self esteem. Although our bodies have something to do with how others treat us, the most important factor is how we view ourselves.

  • Jim Kitzmiller recorded these consicousness raising classes and group meditations in the spring of 2009. Please feel free to choose the ones that interest you.

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  • David R. Hawkins is my spiritual teacher. My opinion is that he is the most advanced spiritual being on Earth. He teaches from an enlightened perspective. He is there. Nothing is speculation for him. He speaks from personal experience. He calls his teachings Devotional Non-Duality.

  • Beauty is one pathway to God. It is one of the essential qualities of Divine Essence. We rapidly advance spiritually when we increase our ability to recognize the beauty in everything.

  • Does the entire world need saving? Does everyone have to be fixed? Is that weight resting on your shoulders? You can get overwhelmed and exhausted with that load. How about immediate relief?

  • You know the power of doing meditation, prayer, and spiritual processes in a group setting. When you combine this with the dynamic power of Observer Meditations and Space Meditations, you get a wonderful feeling of high energy bliss or a profound sense of peace. And how about if the group then focused on the perfection of all of life? That's what we do.

  • Divine Essence meditations help you get closer to enlightenment by practicing enlightenment like qualities. For example, you experience God's love, recognition of perfection, appreciation, quiet amazement, beauty, and others.

  • Divinity Retreats help you resolve the cause of all problems - losing touch with divinity.

  • When you meditate to experience your own divinity, you are creating a most wonderful world for yourself. When you are experiencing your own divinity, you experience life with joy. When you are also loving others and experiencing their divinity, you are living heaven on earth. This divinity workout could bring you into The Silence fairly quickly. Enjoy!!!

  • When all else fails you can give love. You just might find things working better for you after that. Have you heard that loves solves everything? What if that were true? Is it possible to benefit from loving yourself?

  • Along with control and survival, approval is one of the three basic human wants that keep us entrapped as the ego. It's astonishing how far people will go for approval. The multi-billion dollar cosmetic industry is just one example. The clothing industry is another. The list goes on and on. People pattern their behavior based on what they think will get approval. And yes it's common to subject ourselves to control to get approval. The amazing thing is that it's incredibly effective to give ourselves approval. There's no need to seek it anywhere else. This is amazingly powerful stuff. It can dissolve guilt and help us forgive ourselves.

  • This Divine Essence Meditation on God's Love gently guides you to back out of your everyday self, and your everyday life perspective. You tune into one major aspect of Divine Essence. You feel gentle power, love, and peace.

  • Jim Kitzmiller conducted this worldwide group meditation on May 22, 2009. It drew upon a variety of meditation tools including conscious breathing, observer meditations, self-approval, loving ourselves, recognition of perfection, forgiveness, imagination, recognition of Divine Essence.

  • Jim Kitzmiller conducted this worldwide group meditation on May 8, 2009. It drew upon a variety of meditation tools including conscious breathing, observer meditations, self-approval, loving ourselves, recognition of perfection, forgiveness, imagination, recognition of Divine Essence.

  • This guided meditation helps you handle your reactions to a problem person. It might not necessarily end attacks, but it will help you resolve any buildups of uncomfortable energy that such a person invites. If you're doing the Socratic Creativity Email Course, you're practicing the Attention Spotlighting exercise from Lesson 4. This builds up the power of your presence and your ability to handle confrontational situations.

  • This Infinite Love meditation is extremely expansive. It gives you a wonderful experience of Divine Essence.

  • You can get private counseling from Jim Kitzmiller. The objective is not to "fix" things that are supposedly wrong. The objective is to simply let unwanted things go and focus attention on the Divine Essence that is everywhere.

  • This loving others meditation will kick open the door to improved relations with other people. This includes relations with difficult people.

  • Meditation: Are you looking for love in all the wrong places? Do you know how powerful it is to simply love your self? You can get benefits similar to being loved by someone else. Actually the benefits are much better and dependable, because you're not depending on someone else for love. Loving our self tends to dissolve ego limitations. The ego thrives on suffering. Loving ourself tends to dissolve suffering. This guided meditation can help. Why not give it a go?

  • What does meditation have to do with hamster wheels? Quite a bit. Have you ever noticed that you keep solving problems? And you keep winding up with new ones?

  • Meditation Articles to help you get the most out of your meditations. This is part of the Path of Divine Essence.

  • Jim Kitzmiller conducted this enjoyable and informative meditation class on March 31, 2009. Students from around the world asked very pointed questions about the benefits of meditation and spiritual exercises. You can watch this class for free. Enjoy.

  • Does meditation go better during periods of isolation? It did for me.My friend, Roger, pays $75 a month to rent a tiny, rustic cabin in the high desert area of Joshua Tree, California. Talk about a great meditation environment!!!

  • Meditation related issues include blood sugar, candida, chemical inbalances, and depression.

  • Meditation testimonials with heartfelt thanks for the benefits of guided meditations.

  • This very short meditation helps you let go of struggle. Inspired by Lee Glickstein's Relational Presence principles, this recording helps you get into a state of not trying.

  • Meditation Retreat - Everything you need to conduct your own observer meditation mini-retreat at home.

  • Observer meditations help you immediately step out of the false self that gets inflated in most self-help systems.

  • The best way to get out of a thinking frenzy or uncomfortable emotions is to simply step out. Huh? Yes! When you observe yourself you step out of all that stuff. Voila!!! Instant relief!!! In meditation, self observation is the most important and fundamental step. Unfortunately, many self help systems overlook this completely. The idea is to observe your self without judgment. Have you spent years trying to quiet your mind? Okay, let's experience a quiet mind right now.

  • Perfect Self Meditation: The Whole Class Was Astonished We were all coaches and healers. We'd spent most of our lives in improving ourselves and others. Yet what we saw shook the very foundations of everything we believed. Dr. Judith Kravitz, founder of The Transformational Breath Foundation, was teaching us an advanced class in Transformational Breathing. About half way through the first day, Judith asked for a volunteer to come up front for yet another demonstration. We were about to see something that would make our heads spin.

  • Positive thinking and affirmations are supposedly a cure all for every problem in your life. Some people will tell you to completely ignore reality. Supposedly, if you ignore something, it will go away. The positive thinking idea is that you can have such a high vibration that only good things happen. Everything else is supposed to fall out of existence.

  • Get the exact retreat you want, when you want, and where you want. Do it your way.

  • Productivity Zone Retreats help you master powerful principles so you can operate from the zone.

  • Here is a recording of my short conversation with David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD in July 2006. This was an amazing spiritual leap for me.

  • Come join me at the raw food retreat in North County San Diego.

  • These retreats draw on vast and deep experience on scores of consiousness disciplines. They bring you the best of the best. You return home as a new person fully confident in applying the tools needed to expand every area of your life.

  • I devoted thirteen years of my life Scientology and Dianetics. Would you like me to save you a few hundred thousand dollars and a couple decades of your life?

  • Jim Kitzmiller is seeking a consciousness raising / meditation retreat center. The mission is to help raise the level of consciousness of mankind.

  • Now you can kick it into high gear. Start your new self and your new life with the gifts of bliss, creativity, and power. You'll learn and use writing exercises, meditation, and spiritual processes to step out of your old self and enter the realm of Divine Essence.

  • Map to mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom through meditation, information, and spiritual exercises.

  • Meditation Vacations services include blissercise playshops, transformational breathing sessions, and complete meditation retreats.

  • This section contains a variety of spiritual technologies in addition to the observer meditations and the Divine Essence meditations. Enjoy!

  • Surrendering to God is one of the most powerful things we can do to enhance every phase of our lives. This short meditation will help.

  • Here is one way to look at how free you are. Are you stuck in duality? (Duality is the old I'm good, they're bad game.) Or are you approaching Oneness? If we're worried about it, we're still in duality.

  • Learn how to disassemble suffering and reach a state of inner peace. You can do this. Learn the structure of duality.

  • Transformational breathing is a safe, powerful technique that helps anybody - no matter what their level of consciousness. This approach is so amazing that two or three facilitators can help a room of people enhance their lives dramatically in less than two hours. Meditation Vacations offers sessions as part of our retreats.

  • Home of the highly popular YouTube guided meditations by Jim Kitzmiller. The purpose of this site is to help you discover and experience Divine Essence.