Divine Essence Meditation Group

Where two or more are gathered ...

You know the power of doing meditation, prayer, and spiritual processes in a group setting. When you combine this with the dynamic power of Observer Meditations and Space Meditations, you get a wonderful feeling of high energy bliss or a profound sense of peace. And how about if the group then focused on the perfection of all of life?

That's what we do.

When the meditations are powerful on their own, you get a profoundly uplifting experience. In a group, it's even more amazing.

You can quickly experience the joy of a quiet mind and a sense of peace. The experience grows more powerful and sinks into your being  even more throughout the gathering.

We begin with a few Observer Meditations including the highly popular Observing Your self meditation. It's the most popular guided meditation on YouTube with about four hundred meditators a day.

Of course you're welcome to share experiences and ask questions after each meditation. Each meditation lasts less than ten minutes.

We continue with Divine Essence Meditations. These take you another major step towards the experience of Divine Essence.

As we become more spiritually advanced, we become more interested and capable in the raising the consciousness of all of mankind. It helps bring about world peace.

When the group is in a high spiritual state, we take it a step further with highly expansive meditations that are directly addressed to all of life.

Come join us. We'll all be glad you did.