Spiritual Coaching Services

In many cases you'll find that the book, the creativity course, and the guided meditations are all you need to quickly and steadily move towards a life of bliss and inner peace.

However, you might wish to request some personal or group services.

For a major life overhaul you can do a Private Custom Retreat.

If you would rather not wait for the next retreat, you could consider Telephone Coaching.

Private Transformational Breathing sessions are available on request.

Here are some descriptions of our services.

  • Inner Peace Counseling
    You can get private counseling from Jim Kitzmiller. The objective is not to "fix" things that are supposedly wrong. The objective is to simply let unwanted things go and focus attention on the Divine Essence that is everywhere.
  • Blissercise Playshop
  • Divine Essence Meditation Group
    You know the power of doing meditation, prayer, and spiritual processes in a group setting. When you combine this with the dynamic power of Observer Meditations and Space Meditations, you get a wonderful feeling of high energy bliss or a profound sense of peace. And how about if the group then focused on the perfection of all of life? That's what we do.
  • Transformational Breathing
    Transformational breathing is a safe, powerful technique that helps anybody - no matter what their level of consciousness. This approach is so amazing that two or three facilitators can help a room of people enhance their lives dramatically in less than two hours. Meditation Vacations offers sessions as part of our retreats.

There has been strong  interest in Meditation Retreats. If you're interested, please  Contact Us for more information.