Transformational Breathing

Private Transformational Breathing™ sessions are available in North San Diego County, California, USA. It is so safe and effective that two or three facilitators can help a room full of people enhance their lives in less than two hours. It helps people at all levels of consciousness.

Transformational Breathing™ is a powerful technique that

  • energizes your body
  • removes negativity from the subconscious mind
  • brings about higher states of awareness

I've done Transformational Breathing training up through the teacher level.

There are some significant differences between this form of breathing and other techniques. A few of them are ... 

  • You use a full breath from the lower diaphragm to the upper chest.
  • You set an intention of the session.
  • In harmony with your religious beliefs, you request support for your session.

While doing Transformational Breathing, you experience entrainment. That's the principle where an object with a high vibration raises the frequency of an object with a lower vibration. The breath is a high vibration and raises the vibration of your body. Eventually you raise the vibration of everything around you.

As far as I know, Transformational Breathing helps everybody. It is quite energizing and can improve every phase of your life.

It is a way of letting go of negativity and various blockages.

Because of its' energizing and uplifting effects, Transformational Breathing is a part of the daily routine in all of my meditation retreats.

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to call Jim Kitzmiller at 1-760-536-4399.

Transformational Breathing™ is a trademark of the Transformational Breath Foundation.